The deconstruction of the metaphysics
of the presence of music as art and art as art... located by speculative synthesis


A series of drone-works –

Drones made using various synthesisers and effects (1) based on small adapted variations of midi sections ...and loops ...

Recent theory has accepted a meaningless universe of absolute contingency (Meillassoux) and chaos (Deleuze) and one of purposeless extinction (Brassier) and the withdraw of ‘Objects’ behind ‘firewalls’ (Harman), of the real existing apart from consciousness (Speculative Realism) significance of humanity, the lack of/in a signified (Derrida) and the disparity of the concept with its object (Adorno). If the cosmos is ultimately like this – like noise - then any aesthetics are very rare – just as this day is amongst the millennia of endless time(2).

However the ability to conceptualize is the product of the universe described as incapable of conceptualization of its objects described above. Despite Brassier’s

"We gain access to the structure of reality via a machinery of conception which extracts
intelligible indices from a world that is not designed to be intelligible and is not
originarily infused with meaning.”(3)

However with or without design or designer “a machinery of conception” was the very product of that reality, as was the formation of an ordered periodic table, the crystal structures in atomic formation, galactic evolution, the geometries of molecular and bio-molecular structures through to the programmatic structures of DNA and the neural networks that conceptualize. This patterning ‘aesthetic’ whatever its cause is such that it allows comprehension of it as that which comprehends it is it itself, and not something exterior to it. This “a machinery of conception” was made by it. Which is why in pragmatic terms it works. In this scenario the universe is not noise but music. Structure and pattern predominates for whatever cause patterns emerge even for the most simple reason that if not there would be undifferentiated chaos. That this is a mere temporal aberration does not lessen its qualities, however even blind probability will always resort to the endless creation and recreation of order.

“When there is an infinite time to wait then anything that can happen, eventually will happen. Worse (or better) than that, it will happen infinitely often.”(4)

“10^{10^{76}} years High estimate for the time until all matter collapses into neutron stars or black holes, assuming no proton decay or virtual black holes, which then (on these timescales) instantaneously evaporate into sub-atomic particles.
10^{10^{120}} High estimate for the time for the Universe to reach its final energy state, even in the presence of a false vacuum.

10^{10^{10^{56}}} Estimated time for random quantum fluctuations to generate a new Big Bang.
10^{10^{10^{58}}}Estimated time for a quantum fluctuation-generated Big Bang to produce a new universe identical to our own, assuming that every new universe obeyed the same laws of physics and contained at least the same number of subatomic particles.” (5)

10^{10^{10^{58}}} * 365 days….

Recordings made in real time with looping and delays and subsequent processing during which drawings of the gardens and rooms of the house in Springfield Road are made. Each limited to 20 copies all with original drawings. Also available on soundcloud as free downloads.

JLIAT / James Whitehead Winter 2016


(1) Nord A1: Yamaha SY99 TG77 TG55: Roland JV1010 TB-3: Emu Audacity, Xtreme Lead & Turbo Phatt- Korg KaossPad Quad: Boss DD7: Behringer EM600, Behringer FX600. Custom multitrack looping software – VB.Net.

(2) For a more detailed exposition of this view see Caputo/ (in particular Caputo/Lecture 10 - Caputo - on Brassier_Nihil Unbound, Zizek_Parallax View 5b11-09-20105d.mp3) In which Philosopher John Caputo discusses Ray Brassier’s book Nihil Unbound. A summary of Caputo’s critique is not that a meaningless universe gives way to despair and nihilism but an alternative view could be, given the vastness of time and size of a meaningless, purposeless universe, the brief period of intelligent life on an inhabitable world should be seen as a very rare and precious exception to such a truth. Brief and rare and therefore a very valuable moment. With regard to noise and noise theory, amidst the cosmological cacophony an aesthetic of beauty would likewise be a rare exception, but not without any existence or reason, but a brief light in a cosmic darkness.

(3) Ray Brassier, “Concepts and Objects” In The Speculative Turn Edited by Levi Bryant
et. al. Melbourne, 2011 p. 59.

(4) J. D. Barrow The Book of Nothing p.317



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